G-Spotlight: The Holiday Life

I came across Clayton Holiday’s blog, The Holiday Life, on the very day of his last post. He was moving on to pursue other avenues of writing. I read through some of his previous posts. Rampant with desire, lyrical, honest, passionate; this was the blog of a bisexual man in an open marriage. I was moved, instantly addicted. My first thought was, “How could he do this to me?”, as if his decision was personally directed at me. So intimate was his writing that I felt as if he knew me. Deeply disappointed, I resolved to stay away from his older posts lest I read them all and find myself lusting for more, only to remain unsated.

A few days ago I was browsing through some search results and came across a recent post from his blog. Elated, I surfed in only to find that someone named Sean Murphy was replaying Clayton’s greatest hits. Again, disappointment. But I read on anyway.

His hands gripped my cock expertly and stroked me effortlessly; I was soon convinced only another male really knows how to beat off a man.

There are many women who perform the task admirably. But Fred’s technique was like a fistful of love. I lost my composure; not just that night – but time after time after time.

The tutorial lasted for quite a while. I became his cocksucker and he taught me the erotica of his fist.

I’m still addicted, I still want more. But I’m glad he’s out there somewhere, still writing. What a man. What a gift. Even though Clayton Holiday is no longer posting on The Holiday Life, I have to recommend his work. It’s phenomenal. Read it yourself and spread the love.

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