Cure for Heterosexuality a Hoax?

Gods, did you know that soy is making kids ‘gay’? James Rutz of Megashift Ministries needs to cite some hard evidence when he makes such spurious claims, or he’s going to have a bunch of wanna-be gays pounding on his door when they figure out that, hey, this is just bullshit. Unfortunately, there’s still no proven cure for heterosexuality. Thank goodness we have Scientific American publishing stories like Eating Soy Will Not Make You Gay (We Swear), refuting the nonsense that’s being published.

I’m bored. I think I’m going to go get some coffee and tell people caffeine makes you gay.


  • Wait a second. I thought Soy made you grow boobs? Gosh darn it! Now it all makes sense as to why I started picking out clothes that match my eyes.

    Damn you soy! I wanted breasts, not style and taste!

  • Dont know how good(or if any)this is.I’ve always thought that the best apologies r those that r served unrequested.W/regards 2my last comment it was def. wrong to make any association between ghb/sexual orientation and even more so to imply that drug use could be a “tool”2lure anyone w/ a different sexual orientation.

    When i’ve addressed such topic w/friends in the past it has been w/those who know my inherent belief that we are all(at least2some degree)bisexual creatures.To put myself(and such beliefs)2 those that dont know me was ignorant/irresponsible and stupid on my part.

    The fact that(as i’ve commented here in the past)i’ve lived w/some1 openly bisexual in the past and have many friends that belong to the LGBT community should not make me 4get that thoughts that i find ridiculous are held as beliefs by others out of fear/ignorance and that those thoughts r still unfortunately sources that cause pain(and even lives)today.

    I guess the lesson i’ve learned is that if im writing a cmnt and asking not 2b misunderstood and requesting censorship if deemed appropiate then…why write the comment(particularly if it was not assoc. w the topic). Monitor myself what a radical concept i’ve failed 2grasp!

  • Eucalingus wrote:

    It’d be so great if whenever these radical cleric swineherds said “is gay” the words “has cooties” came out instead.

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