Creating Your Own Erotic Dreams

I’ve had people ask me if the dreams I’ve posted are ones I’ve actually had or if they were erotica presented as wet dreams. Some people think they’re too coherent, or that I’ve elaborated on a fragment or idea I’ve encountered in slumber. They’re real. As real as dreams can be, anyway. I’ve always had “adventure” dreams, where I’m a spy, saboteur, warrior, renegade, member of an intergalactic space agency, etc. Epics. Most of them proceed in an orderly, semi-logical manner. These don’t occur nightly, but they’re frequent enough; I’d say I’m visited with them about two or three nights a week. Quite a few of them are thematic, i.e., I’m almost always the same undercover agent sussing out industrial secrets in a post-apocalyptic (and totally cool, free-booting) world. I get to wear some really awesome, rubbery bodysuits that are covered with ridiculous gadgets.

A few people have asked if I knew how to have these erotic dreams. I’m not a dream expert, but I believe that you can influence your mind to put out. I’ll explain how I think they come about, then tell you what you can try to get your own kinky dream life. I’ve asked a few of my friends to try the things I’ve recommended and three came through for me. Two of them found their dreams to be more sexually-oriented, the third couldn’t remember any details. I’ve tried it out and was able to successfully seed several ideas into my dream worlds. I like it so much, I’m going to keep trying. This is by no means scientific evidence, but I wanted to see if there might be something to this before I offered it up as even a mere suggestion. If this works for you, awesome! If not, you’ve read this for nothing. Sorry.

I very rarely experience what’s called lucid dreaming, where you’re aware that you’re dreaming and can actually change what’s happening or even take it in an entirely different direction. Most of the time I don’t realize that I’m still asleep, but I can direct the action to a certain extent; replay, prompt a few of the characters, sometimes just “leave” and move on to the next dimension. While my fantasies don’t manifest themselves wholesale, there are bits and pieces of things I’ve thought of throughout the day, or on a regular basis. I’m sure most people have this happen. If you play a lot of chess, you start dreaming about different moves, puzzling out a game in your sleep. If you’re worried about something at work, say a deadline that’s coming up too fast, you’ll sometimes find it incorporating itself in “loopy” dreams that play over and over in your mind; sometimes you’ve missed the deadline, sometimes you’re scrambling like a maniac trying to get everything together. The things you concentrate the most upon or that make a huge impact on you are the very things that your subconscious grabs onto and feeds into your dreams. Knowing this, we now have a starting point. We can nudge our subconscious into giving us what we really want: kinky, weird sex.

If you want to start having erotic dreams, you’re going to have to have a lot of erotic thoughts, and you’re going to have to concentrate on them. It’s easier if you concentrate on a detail, rather than a subject. For example, instead of thinking of oral sex with a woman, and all that that entails, imagine just the feel of her clit on the tip of your tongue. Conjure up as much sensory information as you can, taste, scent, the lighting (is it dim and shadowy or well-lit?), be completely conscious of the silky firmness of her clit and the feel of the surrounding hood on your tongue. You can imagine that you’re sliding your tongue up to push back the hood, or that you’re tapping and circling it with the tip, but go no further than that. What you’re trying to do is create a full-sensory “snapshot” that you’ll look at throughout the day. I know, you’re thinking, I can’t walk around wet/hard all day. If you let your mind follow through on the image, yes, you’ll most likely end up ripping one off in the restroom. Not that that’s a bad thing, nor will it hurt your chances of having a dream encounter. However, if you just “glance” at your snapshot and then carry on with what you’re doing, you shouldn’t experience much more than a little squeeze in your nether regions.

Try thinking of at least two different details, but no more than five. When you have them set in your mind, you’re going to have to incorporate them into your day somehow, and that means linking them to your routine. You can use whatever you like as a reminder, a cryptic post-it note, a slightly phallic-looking rock (kidding) and an apple (one for each snapshot) that you set on your desk. Whenever you glance at these objects, bring up the corresponding mental image, immerse yourself in it, then let it go. Make sure you do this at least a dozen times per image throughout your day and just before you go to sleep. That’s it. Don’t expect to have wet dreams every night or even the first night. It’ll probably take a while for your subconscious to get the hint.

Once in a while I have a hard time remembering what I was dreaming, so I’ve been keeping a dream journal. The idea is a “hack” from Ron Hale-Evans’ book, Mind Performance Hacks, Tips & Tools for Overclocking Your Brain. (Great book, it’s one of my favorites and I highly recommend that you smarties go out and buy it.) The hack is much more detailed, but I’ll give you the gist of it here. All you do is keep a small notebook or just a piece of paper and a pencil on your nightstand. Instead of getting up to immediately write down your dream, or that you hadn’t had one, take mental notes. Probe your mind for any little details or impressions, even make note of emotions. When you’re sure you have the major parts down, get up and write them down. Let your notes run through your mind over and over as you go about getting dressed, showering, and so on. Your dream will likely come back to you bit by bit, and if you’re lucky you’ll remember the whole thing.

Again, this isn’t a how-to article. If you have some success with this, I’d love to hear about it. Feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment. Good night, and sweet, wet dreams.

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  • I can tell you that if you take just 30 days and try out the beginning techniques of lucid dreaming, you’ll get some awesome results.

    I once had a lucid dream where I went back in time about 2 years or so from that point in time. EVERYTHING about the dream seemed right on with the past, except one small detail. It got me to thinking though, whether lucid dreaming could ever find therapeutic application for patients.


  • YES!YES! and YES!(luv when i can start a comment w/moanning noises!).Lucid dreaming was once an integral part of psychiatry.It used 2b called the “amobarbital interview”;a so-called pre-anesthetic agent was utilized to place the patient in a semi-conscious highly suggestible state that allowed the shrink to probe the pure unfiltered/unadultereted thoughts of whatever topic the pdoc felt like probing.
    Why it stoped(from what i read it was once 1of the main tools used by pdocs)im not sure …maybe some sick f*cker used it as the 1st ruffie in history or got some patients PIN number.

    2b honest i never fully researched the whole history cuz once i learned about it i just decided 2experiment w/it. Dream manipulation is fully possible(particularly if u have a friend/partner u fully trust).It is even possible to during a moment during the day do so w/the help of pre-anesthetic agents.Im not talking recreational drugs here(the closest1 close here would b Ketamine, which originally was also a pre-anesthetic agent b4 becoming hughely popular in the rave/techno world).

    GHB(again decades ago used frequently as pre-anesthesia)which a few years ago was an over the counter nutritional supplement marketed 2pips like me and Brad(tastic) as a fat burner/muscle builder(by increasing Growth Hormone Levels) did a decent job here.Maybe more than decent when u consider that it became the drug of choice in gay clubs.Reportedly(hope no1 is offended here as im not implying anything)straight men could be had(told 2me by more than 1gay aquaintance).Wheater rightly or not it is now a DEA schedule I med(same as cocaine/opiates/marijuana).

    There r still a few meds that have the same prescription classification as..say cold meds(easy2obtain)that work quite well.Y this is not more common knowledge, ?, maybe there arent enough pharmacology students obssesed w/sex “;-)” .

    When u had that post regarding climax problems i thought of writing about a medication that…makes males multi-orgasmic(Im talking actually ejaculating twice 1 minute or so apart)but i dont want 2come across as 2″hardcore/deviant”. U might even want 2consider removing this cmnt(no offense taken)if deemed somewhat offensive/not pertaining.


  • The technique of pole bridging is also well described in the book, “the Einstein Factor.” I recommend it.

    Yeah, pushing your dreams in a particular direction is the ultimate “safe sex.” Your subconscious might even give you something to try that your conscious mind hasn’t thought of.

    My best dream was a buffet table with seven lovelies chained to it. I ate well that night and screwed them all to orgasm.

    Interestingly, the last one was my wife, which is the only one with which I allowed myself to come.

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