Men in Panties

I’ve had a couple people ask me why there were no men in panties in my Man Panties post, and I’ve noticed a lot of traffic to it, so I thought I’d post a few links here. My personal favorite is Panty Paul, not because he’s deliciously hot, but because he’s a crossdresser himself. He’s not my type to be honest. Paul looks like a man. In panties. His main site shows him dressed up and there’s an area of male masturbation pics. If you like more of that type here are some of my bookmarks. (I’m not an affiliate of any of these sites, this is my honest assessment.) This is a hetero guy with a ton of galleries, all of him. There are masturbation videos there, too. I really dig it when people get into their fetishes. Again, free. I didn’t notice any advertising even. Not that I was truly paying attention to anything other than babydollman. This one’s newish, I haven’t explored it fully. Looks good from what I’ve seen so far, though. Says it’s free.

Personally, I’m more into the ladies. If you are too, Panty Paul’s got a Crossdressing TGP that I really dig, and a bunch of other porn sites. Try a Google search for his other ones. They’re all pay sites, I believe. But that’s all good, I don’t mind looking at thumbnail galleries & link sites, even if they are a tease. The babes are all hot, and I just need a little fodder for my rather fertile imagination. ; ) Another good TGP is Fuck I Love Panties. And the Men in Pantyhose category at the Pantyhose Crawler is pretty neat, the sites are rated and they tell you if there are any pop-up ads. These can go either way, ladies or men. In this post, the ladies here are ladies, they just happen to be biologically male. Just a heads-up for the prissy folk.

I haven’t looked for any personal panty blogs, but if you know of any, drop me a line, please. Not splogs, I mean the honest-to-gosh-this-is-me-in-knickers blogs. I’m pretty cheap. I haven’t signed up for any site subscriptions, and I really don’t plan to so referrals to link sites are pretty much wasted on me. But hey, looking at free porn is a kind of thrill in itself. : )

[edit: here’s another link: Panties Bob and one to the Rocky Horror Costume List, because I couldn’t resist.]

Before you head off on a search for pics, indulge my curiousity by taking my quick poll, please.



  • Thanks for the great review! I put a link to you on

  • Hey, Paul, thanks so much! I have to admit, I get a lot of traffic to this post. I’m glad I have somewhere to send them. I love your sites, so thank you for doing such a great job on them. : )

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