Another Jaunt in Second Life: ISO Santa

xmasJ.pngI spent a few hours in Second Life last night, getting different ideas for stories. Having the PixelPulse Reporter title is so awesome, because hot women want to talk to you. I visited different peep-show and strip clubs, and I loved that most of them were idealized versions of what such clubs should be. Of course, when I was wandering around in Second Life Amsterdam’s Red Light district with Cheri Horton a few weeks ago, we found a lovely porn theater with used condoms and other trash on the floor. I almost felt like I was back home in Hollywood! The only thing missing was the squelching, sucking sounds the soles of our shoes should make across a sticky floor.

I need to find a naked Santa Claus and ride him, or at least give him a lap dance. I did find a few motionless Santas to pose on, but that wasn’t quite what I wanted. I need to take a picture of the old lecher in a compromising position. Or hog-tied. Oh…I could make him wear a g-string or muzzle or something sexy like that. He could wear that under his outfit and strip for me. Gods, that’d be hot. Or I could, uhm, decorate his South Pole with cheery little lights.

Now you know what your holiday card will look like from me if I succeed. If not, you can see me naked. Promise. Anyone care to dress up as Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick for me?

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