G-Spotlight: A Slip of a Girl


When it comes to intimate couture, I love seeing it, but not wearing it. I really don’t feel comfortable in lace or sheer fabrics. I’m more the vinyl and leather kind of girl; the closest I get to lingerie is plain satin, and it’d better be black or red. On others, though, lingerie is incredibly erotic. I find it a never failing turn on to catch little glimpses of soft skin under lace, or the way silk drapes over curves and rises. A Slip of a Girl caught my attention through the Sex-Kitten syndication feed, and held it with her smart and sexy perspective on all things to do with intimate apparel. She was nice enough to quote one of my posts about mature women, and I was delighted when she used my words and added that she thought all women should feel confident and sexy in lingerie. I believe that myself: confidence and a sure knowing of who you are is key. You don’t need to fit a stereotype, have this kind of body or that, be thin or curvy or tall. All women are inherently beautiful.

Aside from the body-positive tone of this blog, she also has information about care and choosing your wardrobe. One of the things I especially like is the focus on vintage lingerie, there are even links to buying some on ebay! I used to have a thing for vintage bathing suits and even owned a few. For some reason, the more skin that’s covered, the more I desire to see what’s hidden from me. I would absolutely love to see a woman in vintage lingerie, and here’s my chance to pick out the very item I want to see her in.

Now all I need is a pretty girl to dress up. Any takers? ; )

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