Climax Blues

One of the interesting things about the Orgasm Chart is that I’m noticing different trends within the few short weeks I’ve been maintaining it. My clitoral orgasms don’t rate very high, and that’s mainly what I’ve been having since last Monday. What I think is curious is that last Monday was stressful and pretty awful, yet I had a really good orgasm. But as the week went on, I just couldn’t seem to get it up. Try as I might by presenting different porn movies fantasies to my libido, it just wasn’t really happening. Maybe I need another bad day to jump start my flagging sex drive.

When I encounter a lull in desire, I have a simple game plan: throw everything and anything erotic at my libido and stand back. Most of the time it’s not something new that piques my interest, but simple things, like a hard pounding cock or dildo. Or something silly, like a very bad porn star trying to act seductive, but succeeding only in sounding bored. “Come here, baby. Mmm. Show me what you got. Yeah. Oh. Yeah.” I have no idea why that might get me going, but sometimes it does the trick. I’m weird like that. Tonight, though, I haven’t had much luck with the tried n’ true methods. I think I might have to look for something a little kinkier, something I don’t encounter often.

I’m make up a quick list of starting points tomorrow and see where they lead me. If that doesn’t do the trick, then I guess I’m going to have to wait out this dry spell. But god, I really need to cum.


  • Kenyatta wrote:

    Maybe you simply need the Idea of something new. I know that always does the trick for me. Often enough just an old friend saying the right thing starts it up. or a new friend sparking my interest through eargasms.

  • “Pressuring” myself into 1 sometimes helps me out of a dry spell. Usually masturbating in a somewhat public place/situation. 4me a tried and true classic is a bathroom stall in a movie theater.

    Pressure is my little tressure


  • Are you done with your bad day? When I don’t cum for a few days, it usually means I’m feeling something I’m not aware of. No better way for me to become aware than to sit across from a close friend, slowly and very gently talk about my days, and my fears, and how I feel about myself, and let zir touch me sexually as ze listens and responds caringly.

    Sometimes I have to cry first, before the touching. It’s volatile — that’s why I like close friends for this. :-)

    Kenyatta, your post has inspired an eargasm in me.

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