G is for G-Spot (That’s Good Enough For Me)

gayspot.png I went to lunch with a friend of mine who wanted me to meet her visiting relative. As talk usually does, ours quickly took a sexual turn, much to the discomfort of the country cousin and bemusement of my friend. (Actually, Cousin is from Detroit and I can’t remember if she’s really a cousin or not. Some kind of relative or other.) With the g-spot still on my mind, I told my friend about a few of the sex toys I’d discovered earlier. She’s just as taken with sexual aids as I am, and we were soon deep in conversation. We did try to include her relative, but, though she looked interested, the gal seemed a little shy about speaking up. The term g-spot kept popping up, and finally she asked us why we kept calling “it” that.

“Isn’t that just for gays?” asked our little ingenue.

We stared at her with open mouths. I had no idea what she meant by that. Toys? Foreplay? Sex? My friend, another bisexual and a stickler for political correctness, asked her a bit coldly what she meant by that.

“The g-spot. G. For gay,” Cousin explained patiently. She regarded us disdainfully and said, “You didn’t think it stood for good did you?”

I couldn’t help it. I burst out laughing. If she hadn’t been so condescending, it would’ve been only half as funny. I’m one of those people that gets a kick out of seeing the pretentious knocked down a peg or two. Of course I know that most people don’t know what the G stands for. I had a vague idea myself, knowing only that it was named after the man who first documented it: Ernst Grafenberg. (I had to look the name up. Thank goodness I just happened to have Ducky Doolittle’s newest book on hand, eh? Great read, go get it.) It’s a good thing we don’t have to call it the “Grafenberg”. Evidently, back in the ’40s this German gynecologist wrote articles about the erotic possibilities of the urethra. Which makes me wonder…did he run through the streets buck-naked and dripping wet, crying, “Urethra, urethra!” when he discovered it? I know I did.

Anyway, we explained that no, g-spots aren’t just for gays, they’re equal opportunity hot-spots. And yes, they’re very, very good.

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