Welcome Back, Me

I've moved to another host, so if anyone has experienced my frustrating downtime, you can rest assured that it's now over. I just spent a few hours restoring databases and updating the other sites, so I'll post just a quick blurb of news before I drag my sorry behind into bed.

First, I've joined the staff of PixelPulse Magazine as a reporter. I'm totally excited about it. After a few visits to Second Life, I became addicted. I can't think of anything better than getting to write about it regularly.

official.gifSecond…well, I forgot what the second bit of news was, but it happened, and I was happy about it. That's good enough for me. Oh, yeah, I'm officially an Exemplary Heartless Bitch. If you click the link, I'm the first listing at the top, "Jenna", if you didn't already know my real name. And look, I get to display a logo, too! I'll figure out where to put it later.

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  • Welcome to Second Life.

    I hope your not going to be as tame as your boss,
    ( just kidding Cheri ).

    I’ll be expecting some wild and outlandish things to be written, and pictures of your lash marks to prove it!

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