My Date in Second Life

Just some quick images before I go to bed. There was no sex on this first date. See the dress? It was made by the other person in the photos with me. Isn’t it gorgeous? Anyway, as you can see, I changed my avatar again. Not my face so much as the hair and body. (Yay for bigger breasts.)


Snapshot_002.pngGuess which one I am.
Snapshot_003.pngI’ll give you a hint.
Snapshot_004.pngI am not the Transformer.
Snapshot_001.pngYou guessed it, that’s me in my pretty new bloomers.

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  • Bane Coronet wrote:

    I just need to fix the top, add a neck or some lace.

    Also I want to make a matching necklece.

    and we should get shots of the bracelet.

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