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untitled.pngI figured out how to take a snap shot of myself in Second Life. I think my resolution is set too low to take a decent picture, but it’s a fair representation. Shopping might be a good idea right about now. I totally need some sexy new clothes. But I have other plans for my next visit. Virtual sex is at the top of the list. And I really don’t need clothes for that, do I?

I don’t know if I’ll be keeping these features, but I’d like to have a reference in case I want to go back to looking like this.

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  • […] Aside from her contributions appearing in our in-world HUD magazine, Lienna also will be blogging here whenever she feels inspired to share some thoughts that are relevant to her new role. In addition, she keeps a blog of her own, where she already has been posting some observations about Second Life. She?s even got a few pictures of herself up, in case you?re interested in seeing what she looks like — although like most new Second Life residents, Lienna is working on developing her image. […]

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