Orgasm Stats for November 16 and 17

I found a PHP and Flash chart for these orgasm charts. I’d like to integrate the stats into a WordPress plugin, too, so I can enter them into the database and have the chart pull it directly from there. That should be easier than feeding in separately. I’m interested in seeing the results, personally, and who knows? I may discover that I can climax best somewhere else: at home, in the car, at work, in the shower, or wherever else I’ve masturbated. I’m still working out how to organize them coherently, but right now I’m just keeping notes.

November 16:

At home, in the shower, a.m.: 5
At home, watching TV, p.m.: 6

Other notes: I think I’m sick. Stayed home and slept a lot yesterday, recovering from the previous day’s migraine. Took Maxalt (migraine meds) the evening before to kill the headache.

November 17:

At home, in the shower, a.m.: 7
At home, in bed, a.m.: 4

Other notes: I might’ve needed time to recharge, but it’s more likely that time was of the essence and I had to hurry. Just the thought of morning traffic took the edge off, dang it.

As you can see, I have a thing for morning autoerotic activities.

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