All the furious vehemence against this delightful little word baffles me. To me, cunt is analogous to cock. I think it’s sexier than the ubiquitous pussy, while the other terms—cunny, box, snatch, to name a few—are just silly and some are just a little too cutesy for me. While it’s not a term that I use in everyday conversation, neither is it an insult I toss at people to get a rise out of them. Unless the rise is sexual in nature, of course. For the most part, I use cunt in my own personal brand of pillow talk.

The power to infuriate that lays behind this word stems directly from popular sentiment. Many people see it as the most offensive insult of all. But it’s no more derogatory than other obscenities out there, in fact, it’s less disparaging than most. After all, what is a cunt? A vagina! Why should such a precious portion of our anatomy be considered repugnant? We no longer need to labor under the fallacy that our bodies are disgusting, that anything to do with sex—whether it’s our genitals, our mouths, or simply the thought—is indecent or lewd. What’s obscene is the unthinking acceptance that our genitals are repulsive. The very idea that our sexuality is still being repressed so heedlessly is indecent. Don’t underestimate the power of words. It isn’t only the power to hurt, but the fact that they can insinuate a whole concept in our minds without us being fully aware of it. We pass the idea back and forth amongst ourselves and send it out into the wide world to infect others. You’ve heard of this type of mind virus: memes. But like any social construct, it can be torn apart and remade.

Cunt. You can say it. Own it, and you can revel in it.

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