The Electric Enema and Other Erotic Tales

I frequently screw around with Google, looking for weird porn. I really wasn’t expecting anything to come up for “electric enema” but lo, and behold: The Electric enema hand-tool with splash guard is used for exotic laboratory experiments. True, it’s actually a piece of art by Clayton G. Bailey, a ceramic sculptor. The front page is a little cheesy, but his artwork speaks for itself. Fantastic stuff.

This lead me to reading up on erotic electrostimulation. I’m really not that interested in pain, and the thought of an electric shot to my clitoris sets my teeth on edge, but I do remember using those electric foot massagers that sent a tingle up from the soles of my feet to my kneecaps. That wasn’t painful at all, and I’ve been wondering if something similar is behind the attraction to this practice, rather than a technique used in bondage. I’ve turned up pages of results that I can wade through when I’m not digesting lunch, but I did come across some interesting sites. I found an interesting guide to turn your computer into an electrostimulation device. An informative guide from, and from an article on BdsmRealities guidelines for safe, sane, and consensual electrotorture there was some information on voltages, but the only part that would’ve interested me were for the lowest settings mentioned:

1ma: Barely perceptible tingle.
5ma: Shock felt but not painful.

With all the exhortations for safe play and actual guidelines, I don’t think this particular kink is for me. Extensive pain doesn’t turn me on, nor do rules, regulations, and charts. For me, math + masturbation ≠ orgasm.

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