Torturous Restraints & Other Ideas

Sexual torture has always intrigued me. I know that most people think of whips and chains and pain, but when I think of the word torture, I think of the exquisite build up of anticipation, the exhilaration of the unpredictable, capricious thrust of the tongue or cock. Straining toward satiation, yet reveling in the tightly strung wire quivering at my core. Torturing someone else, now, I covet that feeling of empowerment just as much.

Among my favorite torture aids are restraints. I love velcro cuffs, personally. With clips that let me arrange my partner in almost any position, and spreader bars that can keep someone from clinging and pulling me in when I want to just tease with the tip of my dildo, they’re the ultimate in versatility. One thing that I do wish I had was a head board on my bed that allowed me to firmly secure wrists and angles. Oh, and one of those neat wedges. (There’s a great review on one at Freddy and Eddy’s: Getting Off with the Get It On Ramp.) When I have a willing partner, I spend a lot of time thinking up different ways to tease them, erotically-speaking. Once in a while I’ll dispense with the cuffs and use something more traditional: rope. Holding a length of rope up while your lover’s sprawled on your bed is guaranteed to get you a reaction. The visual stimulation, seeing a woman’s breasts bound about with coils of rope that hold her arms against her sides, or a man with his ankles and calves trussed together, wrists lashed behind his back, ass in the air…well, that’s almost what it’s all about, isn’t it? That, and the joy of thrusting into your hog-tied partner, with long, excruciating slow strokes. Or having it done to you. While tied to a chair. A stool. Bent over furniture with your toes barely grazing the ground, and only your partner and the pressure of your thighs against the back of the couch holding you steady.

I feel another fantasy coming on. But I digress.

A few other items come to mind: beads, both anal and bejeweled. Anal beads are great, and my favorite kind are the silicone-encased ones. They look less like the traditional ones you’d see in older porn, but I think they’re easier to use and clean. I like the smoother sensation, too. As for the jewels, that’s just a pretty turn of phrase. One of the things I enjoy using is a necklace, rounded or lightly textured glass beads are my pick, and ball chains of any size. The sinuous way they fall and move over the skin heightens sensuality, giving the other person another area to focus on while I’m stroking a clit or cock or anus. As most of us know, our skin is the largest erogenous zone we have, and it well behooves us to make use of that fact. Myself, I try to stimulate at least two of my partner’s erogenous zones at once…until I get completely carried away, and then it’s all about me and my pussy.

Gods, I think I’m going to have to go masturbate again.

Here’s something fun to leave you with. Give it a try when you get a chance, I know I will. From Altarboy’s Chastity Site (this link’s for you, Eucalingus):

Prostate Milking:

[Prostate milking] may be used to frustrate male masturbation and orgasm if applied at appropriately timed intervals.

Now that’s my idea of extreme torture.

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  • Eucalingus wrote:

    All your fantasies sound pretty fantastic.

    Re milking: I think a necessary adjunct would be my partner holding up my wallet and removing all my money and credit cards in front of my face, while my prostate gets anorgasmically drained round the back.

    Also, during the act I oughta be clapped up in a veal pen for full effect. I wonder if they have leather milkmaid costumes?

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