Orgasms at Warp Speed and the Effects Thereof

Okay, I shot off two orgasms in ten minutes. I am a Goddess. I rock. *Pat on the back* The past two days I’ve been rating my orgasms on a scale of one to ten, thanks to a fantastic fucking idea that was suggested to me by Brad of Bradtastic. Here’s the scale:

ST:TNG’s New Warp Scale @

  1. c*1
  2. c*10
  3. c*39
  4. c*102
  5. c*214
  6. c*392
  7. c*656
  8. c*1025
  9. c*1516
  10. infinity; i.e. totally impossible or you’re everywhere (all over the known universe at one and the same time)
    (where c=the speed of light)

I’ll give it a month or so and plot out the charts.

Anyway, the other topic that Brad’s blog brought to mind is: does masturbation change one’s perspective? For how long after the fact? It wasn’t so much his post (only initially, and only if one is as intent on finding sexual contexts in everything as I am) that got me thinking along this line. I was posting a comment, and I noticed the verification code below the text area. Is it just me, or does this image suggest something sexual? I’m thinking it’s all the rushing hormones.captcha.jpg

Either way, I got a real kick out of it. (I know, I know. My cheaps are thrilling.) Thanks, Brad, for both!

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