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I’ve been meaning to move all of my pictures over to my blog for some time, and include some descriptions. I really didn’t expect to be quite so lazy as I am tonight. Therefore, I’ll be posting them only when I remember to. (Read: when I’m not distracted by having, fantasizing about, or watching carnal activities.)peccaviaI.jpg Tonight’s image: Taken this past May of 2006, this is one of the images I took for one of those free dating sites: Plenty of Fish. I wasn’t actually looking for dates, I really was just checking out dating sites in general for someone else. I’ll tell that wonderful little story later, it’s a hoot. I did meet quite a few interesting people there, and I enjoyed the forums immensely. Particularly when I got to blast assholes who posted to all of the bisexual topics. Oh, yeah, and advocating for awareness of bisexuality and like issues. Nothing more fun than talking to brick walls.

Mom says, “You look like a geisha.” Great, my mother thinks my mom thinks I look like a woman trained to entertain men. Because that’s so me. Right. My friend Brooke commented, “The hair reminds me of Veronica Lake.” I forget what other people have said, other than the usual comments. (Thanks, all!) Personally, I think I need to drop any makeup in my kit that has micro-glitter in it. The image itself is over-exposed; I was having a hard time getting it to take a good picture of myself on the couch. (I have yet to master the art of the timer-dash.) Finally I figured, Fraggit, anything’ll do, and took the picture. Still, it’s a good picture when you consider I took the flash full in the face from less than an arms-length away. I’m pretty pleased with this one, and if I wasn’t so pale I’d be a little conceited and tell everyone I’ve finally gotten the sexiest pic I can of myself. (I haven’t, but I know it’s still somewhere out there in one of the multiple futures, waiting for me to figure out my little Nikon.)

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