Where’s the Big O Gone?

It’s 11 pm and I’ve just finished watching two hours of porn. Lots of happy, giggling bi gals, trouncing each other with those long, straight double dildos. I’ve always wondered how they managed to get those to work. I’m almost in awe of their skill. The first (and last) time I tried to use one of those…well, there was a whole lot of giggling, but not a whole lot of fucking going on. In fact, if I remember correctly, we actually managed to poke ourselves the wrong way with it. I guess like many things, it’s more fun to watch on the screen than it actually is to participate. Of course, if anyone offers to show me how to do it properly, I won’t be saying no.

Even though tonight should have been a satisfying interlude, I’m physically, sexually, and mentally tired, yet totally unsated. Somehow, I lost my orgasm again. I think I need to reread those masturbation manuals. Or I need a new toy. That’s one thing that never fails to get me going: shopping for sexual paraphernalia. I’m going to take a porn break for a while and focus on my own debauched fantasies, and for that, I need gear. Brand spanking (no pun) new gear. And now’s as good a time as any to experiment with some of the new lubes out there.

Or rather, tomorrow. That’s the game plan for the week, then: masturbate and play with lubricants. And now I’m going to crawl in bed and watch the trails of light behind my eyelids until I doze off.

Actually, I think I’m going to crawl in bed and watch some more smut. I feel a second wind coming on.


  • Interesting read. I have found myself in those slumps. when the physical seems to stop working I then change to mental aspect of masturbation. That usually helps and when that fails I just need a body next to me.

    Good luck.

  • Hi there. Just wanted to say what a cool blog this was. I came across the link about two weeks ago on Technorati and I’ve been reading it regularly ever since. Your posts are well written, engaging and seem very honest. And you’re also discussing a topic I have a keen interest in: human sexuality, particularly in online spaces, as well as alternative/unconventional sexuality. Keep up the cool posts!

  • If you’re really serious about nerdiness, you should probably be rating your O’s on a warp scale.

    The logarithimc (TNG and thereafter) version.

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