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I hang out on IRC. A sex server, no less. So I’ve gotten a lot of cock pics from the guys (and from the girls—don’t think we don’t share ’em, boys) I’ve met there. Poking around (no pun intended, just hoped for) on other non-sexually-oriented servers and forums has given me the impression that a lot of women hate receiving them. Don’t get me wrong, I, too, would hate an inbox full of cock. Sometimes, anyway. What I do like are good pictures. Something creative: dueling penii in tiny swashbuckler hats, a rainbow of nubbly cock rings. Or just a shot of a beautiful dick. Size helps, it’s true, but it most definitely is not everything.

More often than not, the only phallic pictures I have on my hard drive are porn or those of complete strangers. Sometimes, though, I like to go search from them on my own. Mostly I’ll get gay porn links, but I’m game, you can learn a lot from those guys, even if you’re a little too busy getting off. When I’m sated, or just not in the mood yet, I’ll get derailed from my original quest by some of the search results that don’t exactly match what I was looking for. Tonight I surfed into Got Cum? via a blog search. Pictures of celebrities that have been spooged on. Not really my cup of tea, but hey, original to my way of thinking. I do have to admit, I don’t know much about the underworld of male masturbation; I have only the vaguest of ideas on what they’d use as aids. Porn aside, if it’s not silicone or insertable, I don’t consider it an aid. But that’s just me.


I’ve found my favorite cock pic to date. You can see the thumb preview to the left that links to Eucalingus‘ original post. Thanks, stud! And you know, I never really liked Ken up until this moment. He always seemed such a himbo. Who’d’ve guessed that I’d actually enjoy him in that role?

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