Memetic Sex

I need more memetic sex partners; I’ve found my creativity is multiplied a thousandfold if I have someone consonant I can play mind-tennis with.  (As opposed to bouncing ideas off of someone, we bounce them back and forth, with a snowball effect. Not that kind of snowball…but hmm…there’s an idea to toy with later.) Synergism, baby.  Of course, it can be done with a lot of people, but not just anyone.  The whole idea is brilliantly put forth in a book I ran across a few months back by Ron Hale-Evans, Mind Performance Hacks, Tips & Tools for Overclocking Your Brain.

Hack #26 Enjoy Good, Clean Memetic Sex
You can think of conversation as a kind of mental sex that produces ideas rather than physical offspring. To produce good ideas, though, it’s best to follow a few rules of “memetic hygiene.” 

The moment I looked at the title, I thought, “This book is for me.”  As I read through it, I realized it was written for someone just like me.  The hacks are genius; they address problems and questions I’ve had for a long time, just knowing there was a solution somewhere.  And voila! A hack for it appears in this book.  Not only did this machine-bound stack of papers and I establish an instant rapport, but as I read the Forward of the book, a definite affinity for the author developed.  Let me name the ways:

  • Ron Hale-Evans.  I thought, “How cool if he’d hyphenated his wife’s last name.”  Well, he did.  Or rather, they did. Read all about it here.
  • Meet his wife, Marty Hale-Evans.  She’s bisexual, she’s an activist, she’s an artist.  And more.  Together, I nominate them World’s Greatest Couple.
  • On his site, you’ll find the Mentat Wiki.  And a parody of the Mentat Mantra.  I loved Dune.  And Duncan Idaho rocks.
  • One of his shelved projects is The Voice of the Tao, a book on synchronicity.  Talk about synchronicity…I, a geeky Taoist, stumbled upon his book out of the blue, just browsing around at the library.
  • I like hacking my mind.

If you’re a geek, or a nerd, go buy this book.  If you love your mind and positively quiver with desire over the thought of making it work more efficiently, go buy this book.  If you’re a total dork who wants to impress the hot chick at your workplace, go buy this book.

Did I repeat myself enough?


psst…Go buy this book.

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