No Balloons, No Party…wait, I thought you meant condoms!

I was poking around among my bookmarks, looking for something to titillate my mind this evening. I’m always fascinated by others’ fetishes (though mine are always the best, duh) so I like to keep an eye on interesting personal sites. I stumbled upon Buster in the balloon section, and decided to drop in on him again. Either I wasn’t paying attention last time, or his site has gone through a major overhaul. It’s fantastic! Now, when I say, “fantastic”, I don’t mean in an eye-searing, blinking-babe sort of way. The site’s organized and the information is well-written and clear. There’s a great introduction to each section and a host of pics (none porny as far as I could tell, though. *le sigh*) so your eyes can wander. Scratch that…I found some pornish pictures, but not enough to whet my appetite.  There are some great porn links, though. 

LoonySo on to the next ‘loony or two in my repertoire.  I surfed around a little more and found a few cute sites, but I didn’t get much out of it.  The last time I played with balloons and a few friends, I remember chasing lubed balloons around a friend’s living room, trying to pop them (unsuccessfully, I might add) with my ass, stomach, and feet.  It was a lot of fun, definitely sensual—as if rubbing lubed, round objects on your partners could ever be anything but sensual.  I haven’t thought about that in a while, and from Buster’s description, I doubt I have a true fetish. 

I do plan to make it a mandatory party game now that I’ve thought about it, though. ; )

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