Studs & Femmes, Yin & Yang

I’m a Taoist.  I’m bisexual.  I’m also a Bitch, but that’s another story.

I’ve always been a little dubious about relegating certain behaviors to either sex.  You know what I mean: ”Guys are so…”, “Chicks always…”, “They never…”, and so on.  It’s so us and themIt's a Taiji, yin and yang are principles, not symbolsYou can’t ignore those sterotypes, though.  Men and women aren’t the same, but some of us are more of a certain type than others, regardless of gender.  Everyone’s probably familar with the Taiji symbol, though most people I know just call it the ol’ yin and yang.  See those dots?  Those aren’t eyes, and they’re not looking at you.  They symbolize balance, there’s a little yin in the yang, and vice versa.  Not everyone is balanced in the same way, though.  I’m not going to say it’s an imbalance if you have more of one than the other since each emcompasses a myriad of qualities.  And it’s the sum of those qualities that are counterpoised and make us who we are.

Studs can be male or female, and I’m sure you know both types.  Femmes, too.  And that’s how I categorize the infernal them.  Qualities from each are great, but too much of one, well…ugh.  From what I’ve noticed screwing around with both men and women (being bisexual ‘n all, I get around), idiots and assholes have too much yin or yang.  Studs come on too strong, waving their yang around, hoping it’ll catch something.  Femmes wait in a state of torpor, hoping you will stick ‘em with your yang.  Basically, I think being too much of one or the other is a pain in the ass, and I avoid the extremes of both in myself and in others.  There’re just too many frustrations and urges to strangle, duct-tape, or trice them up.

Now that you’ve had a totally inadequate crash course on the principles of yin and yang, I’ll get to the point.

I’m basically a balanced person, or getting there.  If you’re an extreme stud or a femme, imbalanced (in the way I’ve described, and oh gosh, mentally, too), then please, don’t try to put a spin on my taiji.  Keep your yin/yang out of my face.

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