RPC Services for the Deviant

No, this isn’t another post about RPC vulnerabilities. I’m talking about Role playing costumes. So if you’re hoping that there were special Windows services made just for deviants, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

Sometimes the porn I have gets a little banal, so I turn to Google. I usually use random words with the constant “porn”. Occasionally, I find a new fetish, and at the very least I run across some interesting sites that take the edge off of my aching groin. I can spend hours browsing the results I get for, say, “happy napkin porn”. Oooh. I just ran that search and found a site that lists a ton of oxymorons: OxymoronList.com. How fabulous is that? Anyway, today’s real search was for “fairy tale porn”. Nothing too interesting showed up, at least not in the first few pages, but I did get a link to a link that soon had me searching for my own slutty fairy costume.

I found quite a few good ones, but the best of them (so far) is 3Wishes.com. They seem to have everything, and they’re almost all adorably sexy. I’m rather taken with the Captain Hooker and Cruel Ella costumes. I do have several costumes, though most of them weren’t meant to be ripped off or worn during a good bang, but they’ll do in a pinch. After checking out 3Wishes.com, though, I think I’m going to need a bigger closet. They have the shoes, the boots, the stockings, the hats, the wigs—in short, everything a bunny could want.

It’s been a long time since I’ve played dress up. The last time was for a fling with a cute guy who had a PhD in economics. When I swung into the bedroom in my retro-ish nurse outfit, he stared open-mouthed. I struck a pose in front of him, waiting for a dirty compliment or remark, trying not to preen too much. Then he blurted, “You know I’m not a real doctor, right?” and proceeded to lambaste me with a description of the different types of doctorates and what they meant. Was he afraid I was going to ask him to check my feet for fungus? Check my ears for wax? That really wasn’t the response I’d been hoping for. I’d been toying with different scenarios since I bought the costume, imagining tongue depressor, vaginal exams, etcetera. I felt a little deflated, but I’m a resilient type of chick. I immediately recast him in the role of recalcitrant patient.

I snapped on my gloves and got down to business. His response to that—muffled by pillows as it was—was most gratifying.

I feel the urge to try that again. Well—maybe not the Doctor & Nurse scenario, but I’m creative. Maybe the swashbuckler costume. I’ll swing into the bed from a rope securely anchored in the ceiling and save my bound and gagged slave. Of course, I’d have to torture him or her first for running away. Or a gothic vampiress, seducing my chosen victim, luring her to the dark side.

So many choices. I’m sure I’ll think of something appropriate when the time comes.

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