Moblogging? Older cameras vs. The advisibility of using them to titillate

EnlargeI’m switching back to an old mobile phone, since I dropped mine in a bowl of water.  Left it in there overnight, too.  Bet that wasn’t what it needed.  In any case, now I’m wishing that I’d made more use out of its camera function.  I think almost everything looks better in black and white, but even that setting didn’t seem to make much difference with the images I took. 

Of course, maybe I shouldn’t have tested it out in a darkened hotel room.  All that blackness behind me?  It’s hair.  I’m actually lying down (because I’m too lazy to bother posing in an upright position or even turn on the lights) on the  bed.  The camera did a great job capturing the dark circles under my eyes, not to mention the miasma of katzenjammer wafting around me.

2bI don’t think I could take many sexy pics of myself with THIS phone.  Of course, that’s not going to stop me from trying, but I’ll probably be constrained to snapping and expunging the images from memory.  The problem could be Yours, Truly, but I’m absolutely positive I have a good side.  And I’m going to find it, by gad.  Until then, I await the day that they create a camera that can deify anyone.

Okay, back to the grind.  I’ve a bridal shower to get back to.  No more hiding from the piercing (evil)eye of middle-class respectability.

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