Lyrics: “Pussycat Moan” by Katie Webster

Seven years ago, on September 5, 1999, Katie Webster died of a
stroke at the age of 63. She was one of the first female blues
singers to catch my attention when I discovered the genre, and
has remained one of the darlings of my music collection. Unable
to find the lyrics to After You Get Rid of Me on Google,
I did a search for the lyrics of any songs by Katie
Webster. I was slightly taken aback when I was unable to locate
the lyrics to another popular song of hers—and one of my
all-time favorites, Pussycat Moan. I’d already set
those down, and will do the same for some of the other songs of
hers that I wasn’t able to find.

Pussycat Moan

So many days
since you’ve been away, yeah
I often think of you, my sweet daddy
each night and day
Oh, but someday
someday, my sweet daddy,
you won’t be no trouble
you won’t worry my life anymore

You’re spending my money
chasing every woman in town
Listen, man, if you know you didn’t want my loving
why’n the hell didn’t you stop
stop and put my dollars down?

You know that’s the one thing
that’s the one thing
the main thing, baby
that could get you
a lifetime home in the ground
You even told my best friend
that you didn’t want me no more,
but I know that’s a lie
cuz every time I turn my back
you’re trying to sneak back into my back door

And I’m telling you,
I’m warning you,
if you don’t stop all that jive
and stop trying to be so high class,
somebody’s gonna shoot you
right dead in your mmmmmm

I can’t understand it,
why you don’t just pack your bag
can’t you see I don’t need you no more?
cuz my other man is just waiting
for you to step out of that front door
I’m sorry, baby, I warned ya
and now I’m for real
Baby, this here pussy cat
ain’t gonna be your pussy cat
no more

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