Eyes Wide Open

Have you ever gone out with someone who seemed great, but looked kind of crazy? I did. Many times, actually, but only once since I thought I’d learned better. Here’s the scenario. I talk to a friend from college on YIM fairly often. He, being so caring, thinks it might be a fan-freakin-tastic idea to set me up with a bi-gal he knows. Because, of course, we are all totally compatible and fit together like Lincoln Logs. Being tactful, he invites us to both chat with him and another person in one of the chat rooms. She seems great! I mean, totally awesome, on the ball. Her picture shows her staring wide-eyed at the camera with a plastic smile plastered on her face. But hell, my pictures make me look…icky. So if she’s okay with my unprepossessing pics (and hell, I really AM better looking in person, so that’s kind of a plus) then I can assume she doesn’t really look like hers. At least, not as fake.

You know what’s coming. She does! She did! When we met, she stared at me with those wide eyes, as if she were frightened out of her wits. But with this big crazy smile. But being polite, I’m going to at least talk to her a bit before I tactfully tell her she’s not my type. I didn’t even get a chance. I bought her a drink, she hung all over me while keeping an obvious eye out to see if anyone was watching her smooze a woman. As soon as she started flirting with a guy I took off running. What a con-artist.

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